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VR 2.0 for iPhone and Android


FINALLY...You Can Access Virtual Reality Simply Through Your Phone!

Most people think of “Virtual Reality" and immediately think of High Tech Equipments and Powerful Computers used by Special Effects Studios of Hollywood that cost millions of dollars and only a selected few specially trained engineers are lucky enough to have that experience. 

VR 2.0 completely Changes The Game! 

Inspired by Virtual Reality Headsets connecting to powerful computers, VR 2.0 was designed to let you experience Virtual Reality by Simply Using Your Phone. By inserting your phone into VR 2.0, you can instantly turn your phone into an IMAX 3D theater, play with hundreds of Virtual Reality Apps you can easily download from the App Store, and much, much more...

Designed with 8 Nano-multilayer laser cutting lens and assembled by 43 sets of precision parts, VR 2.0 has Overcome Extreme Technical Requirements to Bring You The Perfect Virtual Reality Experience. Simply pull out the adjustable storage box, insert you smart phone and you are good to go! You are also able to use holes on both sides of the VR 2.0 for Headset, data transfer and Charging. Thanks to the specially designed resin lens, you will almost never feel visual fatigue or dizzy even you use VR 2.0 for a longer period of time. 

Every VR 2.0 was engineered to provide True Universal Fit. It can be used for any phone with size from 3.5" to 6.0”, including iphone 6/6S, 6/6S PLUS and Android phones. Flexible and Adjustable headband is designed to fit different head sizes and provide you with the most comfortable wearing experience. 

If you are looking for the simplest and easiest way to access virtual reality, Your Search is Over. VR 2.0 will mostly likely bring you the Coolest and Most Addictive experience you can ever have with your phone! 

**To use certain Virtual Reality Apps, you may need additional controllers 

 Disclaimer: The controller shown in the video is not included in the package.

Glasses Type: 3D Glasses
Viewing Experience: Immersive
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Type: Binocular
Compatible Device: Smartphones
Wireless: Wireless
Glasses Type: 3D Glasses
Quality: QC Passed

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