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Kwik Selfie Stick Case for iPhone 6/6S

$14.99 $29.99

A must have item for those who love to capture the moment

Kwik Selfie is a must buy accessory for those who love to capture moments in everyday life.  Kwik Selfie protects your phone with an ultra-durable case and contains a retractable selfie stick to help you take better pictures.  It uses innovative ultralight aluminum design to make the case convenient to carry around everywhere you go.  

No longer will you have to be burdened by carrying an extra heavy selfie stick to take the photos you want, anywhere on the go.  Kwik Selfie uses Bluetooth technology to easily take pictures whether your traveling, on a date, or at any event.

Wind-resistant design prevents shaky photos.  Easily adjustable so you can get the perfect angle and distance for the picture.  Also acts as a stand so you can use it for video chats and watching videos.

Kwik Selfie anywhere, anytime.

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  • Type: Case
  • Function: Function: iPhone stand, retractable selfie stick
  • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6s
  • Model Number:Apple iPhone 6/6s
  • Material:Ultra-lightweight aluminum

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