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The Aegis Screen Protector for iPhone

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Most people think of "Screen Protector" and immediately think of these cheap cloudy plastic screen protectors that make your phone look ugly.  Even after following their instructions perfectly, your screen is riddled with air bubbles.

This Aegis Screen Protector completely changes the game.

Crafted with the latest technology from a new form of Japanese Asahi glass that is literally up to 8X harder than steel, a tiny 0.3mm thin pane of this glass pretty much instantly grants your phone instant invulnerability to scratches, cracks, and drops.  Check out the video below where use a high-powered concrete drill bit and try to drill a hole through the screen for an entire 9 seconds:

If you want to NEVER have to worry about damaging your iPhone screen again, this may be the best investment you ever make to permanently protect your phone.
  • Forged from pure Japanese Asahi Glass
  • 9H Hardness on the Ohm's hardness scale
  • Oleophobic Coating prevents fingerprints
  • Impossibly thin at 0.3mm for invisible protection
  • 99% transparency rating
  • Contents:
    • (1) Tear-away Alcohol Prep Pad
    • (1) Dirt-cleaning sticky film
    • (1) Micro-fiber cloth
    • (1) Squeegee
    • (1) 0.3mm thin 9H Japanese Asahi Glass Aegis Screen Protector

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